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want to know where   you   fit in the dance world?

let's create a clear, positive and healthy trajectory towards success!

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As a professional performer and entrepreneur in various sectors of dance, I often get these questions:

from young dancers/parents

-Should I go to college?

-Should I go to college and major in dance?

-What should I look for in a studio?

-Should I focus on competitive dancing?

-Should I focus on my training?

-Should I be focused on performing?

-Suggestions on other opportunities to train/grow.

from professional dancers

-What IS branding for dancers?

-Should I give up? (How can I stay strong when I feel like giving up?)

-How can I create a sustainable living as an artist?

-How can I use my dance training to be an entrepreneur?

-I don't live in New York or Los Angeles, can I still make dance

my career?

from dance entrepreneurs

-How do I turn my creative idea into a business?

-How can maximize social media platforms?

-How can I use social media platforms to increase

brand awareness?

-How do I attract more students at my


-How do I pick judging and teaching staff?

-How do I produce a dance workshop?

-How can I give back using dance?

email for rates:


during our session, you will be able to ask me any questions you have within whichever time frame you choose, and I will offer detailed feedback and answers.


post-session, you will receive a follow-up email with any additional tips and a recording of our call for your reference.

let's work!

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